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Dolos Project

The Project Description

Dolos is a smart token issued on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20 standard) designed to directly control the access and license of the automated trading application for cryptocurrency and regulated financial markets.

  • Smart contracts control the access and the minimum value of the application (0.075 Ethers).
  • Voting: participants cannot vote on how funds are distributed; the community can vote on what methods to add or what exchanges to prioritize.
  • Identities and social ratings: developers and contributors will have public profiles and interact through the Dolos community forum social media and the dolos.co website.
  • Market place: the Dolos website and cloud server facilitate the distribution and updates of the application to all Dolos smart token holders.
  • Funds raised will be used for software development, marketing, and community support.
Beta version expected in 2nd Quarter of 2018.

The Dolos Functionality

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