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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a crowdfunding campaign?
This is a mechanism for attracting finance from the community with the aim of selling the licence to use the Dolos.
Are there crowdfunding restrictions?
How will the proceeds of the crowdfunding be managed?
What is cryptocurrency?
What is a smart contract?
How can I buy Dolos tokens?
On what exchanges are Dolos currently traded?
What is a Dolos token?
Are Dolos tokens securities?
What is the price of a Dolos token?
Why is Dolos price cost so low for a fully automated system?
How many Dolos tokens are available?
How will I receive my number of Dolos tokens?
What regions can use Dolos?
Which Exchanges can trade Dolos?
Must I open my own account at an Exchange to trade Dolos?
Can I use Dolos to trade Bitcoin futures on the Interactive Brokers platform?
What markets can Dolos trade?
How can I access the forum?
Can anyone use the Dolos?
Do I have to register?
What is the advantage of Dolos over other trading bots?
How many Dolos do I need?
What is the advantage for community members?
Can I make money holding a Dolos token?
Why is Dolos not open source?
Do I own the Dolos application?

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