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Three Major Trading Challenges

The Dolos Functionality

The Dolos Calculators

Anchor Series

  • The Anchor is a series of trading sequences designed to profit from the volatile price data of the cryptocurrencies.
  • The Anchor series is used on its own or with the combination of other technical indicators.

369 Sequence

  • The 369 Sequence use a special increment to reset your buy and sell levels.
  • This is for the Nicola Tesla fans. This unique sequence works only on the Lagoon charts, and on the Dolos application.

Lagoon Charts

  • Lagoon charts are designed especially for the Anchor Series and the 369 Sequence.
  • The market data is "sterilized" to create a timeless "island" of price movements revealing the true trend of the market.
  • Adding any technical indicator/s, including all types of moving averages to the Lagoon chart and #Tick charts, reveals a completely new world of analysis and trading signals that are making profits!

#Tick Charts

  • Candlestick charts are build according to the amount of ticks selected.
  • The data is "sterilized" the same as Lagoon charts, which reveals the true trend of the market.

The Dolos Advantage

  • The excess data points are discarded and not needed for the Lagoon charts and the trading strategies, saving on the amount of trading cost and slippage.
  • The strategies are expected to make more bitcoins than the miners, and a full bitcoin every 6 to 8 weeks!
  • Trading crypto currencies has the added advantage that you also get the increase of the value of the coin, and the market never stops trading.
  • Dolos license owners can follow the trading results on our forum and website to discuss the assorted topics and strategies of our application. Facebook will be available to the public to share general information.
  • The Dolos will establish a new way of trading with our chart types and create more efficient and accurate methods to utilize market data.

The Chart Comparisons

Lagoon Charts

  • The data is the same as the normal candlestick charts on the previous, however, the lagoon charts look completely different!
  • The data from the Lagoon chart is displayed with the Heiken Ashi calculation in the samples, to highlight the extreme difference between traditional chart types and the Lagoon charts.

Strategy – Bitcoin Daily

Strategy – Ethereum Daily

Strategy – Bitcoin Intra - Day (144)

Strategy – Bitcoin Intra - Day (144)

Chart1 369 Directional Long Short Square

  • The 369 is the most powerful tool in the Dolos application and needs a minimum of 4 Dolos tokens to function properly, and in increments of 4 thereafter.
  • A total of over 75,000 data entries converts to only 3,200 entries using the Lagoon chart type.  The “lost” data have no impact on the buy and sell signals or other technical analysis methods!  The “lost” data is discarded as wasted energy, which mostly contributes to losses and excess trading.  This is where the Lagoon chart type have a major advantage over traditional trading/analysis and other automated programs.

Strategy – Bitcoin Intra-Day (45)

Strategy – Bitcoin Arbitrage

Arbitrage is the simultaneous buy and sell of a cryptocurrency or other asset classes to profit from a difference in the price, because of currency fluctuations or market restrictions and excess demand.

  • Automatically scan and trade price differentials between two different exchanges, and price differentials between crypto and fiat currencies, when they reach your required executable profitable rate.
  • The placement of the orders and the management of the transactions between the exchanges are controlled by the function of MyOrders and the Dolos eWallet.
  • The Arbitrage calculator allows you to select the exchanges you want to scan in real time as well as the quantity you want to trade.
  • Dolos eWallet implement the API of ShapeShift and or MyEtherWallet.  The purpose of the Dolos eWallet is to transfer the arbitrage coins from one exchange to the next exchange.
  • Dolos eWallet can also hold your Dolos tokens.
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