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The Dolos Commitment

  • The Community can add its own expertise to increase the profitability and the value of the application.
  • Our application has a basket of proprietary trading methods.
  • Empowering its owners to have full control over their digital money.
  • Allow access to Interactive Brokers clientele for trading on regulated exchanges and all asset classes.
  • The Dolos can be bought or sold on the crypto exchanges.
  • Only Dolos license owners are granted access to the application’s functionality and the community forums.
  • The Dolos is priced at a low cost to give participants the opportunity to benefit from an increase in value. Initial owners will quickly realize that the Dolos is unlike any other trading application in the world and this will become an exclusive community.
  • Trade crypto currencies or regulated futures, bonds, equities, forex and commodities.  CME and CBOE are gearing up to launch derivatives on cryptocurrencies and our methods are designed specifically specially to handle the volatility of any market or asset class, especially cryptocurrencies.

  • Owners must pay:
No Management, No Performance and No Monthly fees.

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